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Extract from ‘BEINGS OF LOVE’: The Realm of Venus, Love and Relationship

When I reflect on Venus, the realm of relationship. Frequency and vibration is what comes to mind. The many faces of Venus. The aspect of Venus that comes from our inner light, the highest frequency, the unconditional acceptance of the other, without judgement or blame.

But in a mind based culture where many conceptualise or theorise about love; where many profit financially from the search; where are we to go regarding matters of the heart? We may love with our hearts intensely. but then our culture has often trained us to put ourselves above all others. Not from the healthy perspective of self nurturance (moon), but rather from the perspective of the immature heart, the unevolved Solar self, with no regard for the needs of the other. The needs of the other can then be seen as an intrusion or barrier to having matters exactly as we want them. Like the young child who cannot be expected to know that their parents need downtime.

How can we balance this in relationship to another? Be on your own, many may say, then everything is in your control you can run your life exactly as you want. Understandable! But when the planet Neptune enters the stage, the dissolver of ego and the higher octave of love, a different need appears. Although our childlike self wants to run the show a deeper part of us, the soul, yearns for a soul connection.

The need to be held, stroked and touched with us in babyhood remains until death, though we may repress or deny it. How do we integrate what seem like opposing needs? The need to be ourselves but be in relationship where we cannot live as if our other does not have needs, or live as if they are invisible or will be unaffected by our actions and words?

Complete freedom but with the greatest gift life on this planet has to give, the union of two people, body, heart, mind and soul?

With the planet Uranus (freedom) now in Taurus, ruled by Venus, the time feels right to plant the seeds for this integration, to make it possible. To enable us to relate as two wholes and leave behind the alarming concept of “my other half”.

Our solar need for self expression can be integrated with Venusian need for touch, closeness and warmth. Saturn the bringer of maturation is now in Pisces to bring us maturity of spiritual love.

The Aquarian sense of collaboration comes to mind with a need to redefine freedom. The reality is if two people come together a wholeness can be found that gives each a freedom of expression not found in solitude.

The freedom that is natural for all of us, but seems to have died, is inner freedom. An inner self without the monkey mind of worry, guilt and self judgement.

As outside forces and misguided needs for power and control seek to increase their surveillance and control of each one of us, as well as taking away our basic needs and rights, we can become inwardly liberated in our state of wholeness and communion, leading to a state of freedom and health empowered by ourselves, separately and together. No need for institutional control. They cannot control what is invisible to them and in the collaboration of awake individuals, the right use of power becomes a possibility. Thank you Pluto in Aquarius!
We are planting seeds to rise from the ashes of patriarchal domination and like Persephone we will walk on the Earth in gratitude and service.