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There are various ways to forecast using the horoscope but I feel a client can get 'information overload' if they are told too much. I therefore use my intuition and clairvoyant ability to hone in on what is particularly important for a client at the time they come to see me.

I focus on the positions of the three outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and the current aspects they make to the individuals chart. These are called transits.

I also look at the transits of Saturn which are extremely relevant. Secondary Progressions are used by some astrologers. But personally I look at the progressed sun and the progressed moon.

Pain And Crisis

Many people who consult an Astrologer do so because they are going though a difficult time. Inevitably most people face periods of pain and crisis. These periods are crucial in the process of growth and evolution and often we only understand whatever the situation is in retrospect. Looking back we see the period of suffering in its context as part of a larger plan for the enhancement of self-knowledge.

At the end of this phase many people rise like the Phoenix from the ashes, living more fully, with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper sensitivity to their fellow human beings.

Summary Of Outer Planet Transits

The transits of Saturn have a bad reputation for bringing pain, restrictions and unpleasant circumstances. While it may bring about these universal experiences, Saturn is a powerful teacher and Lord of Karma giving us opportunities for growth, achievement and maturation. It is during Saturn transits that we make things definite and concrete giving us the opportunity to evolve in a real way. We can create structures which will last and support us on our journey towards evolution. 'He' can be likened to a strict father who insists we do our school homework thoroughly, it is hard work but well worth the rewards.

A Uranus Transit is often a period of change, awakening when something new needs to come into our conscious awareness. A time to experiment and try something new and connect with unexplored parts of our nature, freeing ourselves from structures we have outgrown and no longer need.

A Neptune Transit can often have a 'spiritualising' effect on whichever planet it touches and often makes people start some spiritual activity such as meditation or healing or it can cause a surge of powerful creative energy leading to a strong desire to paint, write or make music. Conversely it can make some people seek for escape in destructive ways like drug taking or alcohol abuse.

Pluto transits bring powerful opportunities for the 'death' of an old self leading to a 're-birth'. We often transform the way we relate to ourselves and release negative emotions which are no longer appropriate for the person we have become. We can meet our true and deepest nature transforming and healing who we really are. A snake has to shed his skin before he can grow a new one, likewise Pluto asks us to shed a 'skin'. We 'die' and are reborn emerging more whole and closer to our essential self.

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