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Extract from ‘BEINGS OF LOVE’: The Realm of Venus, Love and Relationship

extract from book venus veronica nelson dodds

When I reflect on Venus, the realm of relationship. Frequency and vibration is what comes to mind. The many faces of Venus. The aspect of Venus that comes from our inner light, the highest frequency, the unconditional acceptance of the other, without judgement or blame. But in a mind based culture where many conceptualise or … Read more

Astrology of 2024

astrology of 2024

In writing about the Astrology of 2024, I start in a general sense. For me, astrology has many positive functions, not only for the evolution of the individual, but equally for the evolution of the Planet, human consciousness, society and the collective. As the late Carl Gustav Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist, is known to have … Read more

Extract from ‘BEINGS OF LOVE’

extract from the need for love and truth

The following is an extract from my forthcoming book BEINGS OF LOVE Mental Health: An Astrological and Spiritual Lens I could not have anticipated that soon after the lockdown began in March 2020, my twin brother died suddenly and unexpectedly, before we were going to celebrate our 70th birthday together later that year. LOSING RAFEY … Read more

Schizophrenia – The Wisdom Hidden From The Masses

schizophrenia the wisdom hidden from the masses

There are many misconceptions about Mental Health Issues. For example, the myth that Schizophrenia describes people with a so-called Jekyll and Hyde personality. I find it alarming that many people discriminate against these people with no knowledge or experience of them as individuals. It is as unacceptable as racism or homophobia. As an Astrologer I … Read more