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Astrology of 2024

In writing about the Astrology of 2024, I start in a general sense.

For me, astrology has many positive functions, not only for the evolution of the individual, but equally for the evolution of the Planet, human consciousness, society and the collective.

As the late Carl Gustav Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist, is known to have said “If you want to change society change the individual”.

With his natal sun in Leo, Jung being greatly influenced by astrology, put forward the concept of ‘individuation’ His Aquarian ascendant enabled him to see the micro/macro of humanity. The individuals who together form society, the human family.

2024 brings many cosmic movements, ingresses and geometric relationships between planets which would be “the above” of the enormous changes we are witnessing in “the below”. For those who choose inner reflection as part of their journey there are many indications of inner change, revelations from our inner underworlds and with the current North Node in Aries, a strong desire to take action to bring about these changes which would enable us to journey where love is the dominant force, rather than fear.

With the South Node in Venus ruled Libra, surely it is time that Mars becomes the warrior for love and peace. That we return to our ‘state of being’ before the Age of Aries’, where competition, hierarchies and the desire to win became the so called normal. This has led us nowhere in terms of happiness, harmony, peace, collaboration and community.

These concepts of the Aquarian Age and an egalitarian society surely serve us more than the wealth, dominance and elitism of the Piscean Age. They ask us to look within, like Pluto the purifier of souls, to find our own power our own Saturnian inner authority and maturity of heart. Thus bringing us towards wholeness which is our truth, our true nature and our connection with Mother Nature’s expression of Divinity on Earth.


Let Pluto bring this truth from the depths of the underworld.

Let the deception behind the scenes be seen both collectively and individually. Let our galactic connections be seen as part of our truth and not pathologized or mocked. For in denying these connections we disempower ourselves and separate ourselves from our cosmic origins, our part in the oneness, each one of us being an equally valuable fractal of the whole. Let us accept and integrate our shadows, for they are a valid part of our wholeness, just as night is a valid part of the wholeness of one day.

Let us integrate the anger, rage and resentment which we all have so they are expressed safely putting an end to hatred, abuse, criminality and war. Global war and the war which can occur within each one of us, creating what has become known as disease. Let us see our wholeness which comes from a place of love, putting an end to judgement and separation which all come from the archetype of fear.


Let Neptune’s oceans heal and soothe our collective sickness so that the new journey around the Zodiac at 0 degrees Aries, brings the pioneering force of this sign to a higher octave of love. May Neptune’s clouds show our common connection with the sky, and may the compassion of this archetype bring healing to the trauma which abounds on the Earth, from the misuse of power and control.

From the metaphorical blindness and deafness of the many to the true needs of all that lives, breathes and resonates in a harmonious symphony of love, wisdom and acceptance.


May Uranus continue the journey through Venus ruled Taurus, bringing clarity and awakening, liberating us from the illusion of materialism showing us the true abundance of Universal Law and the riches available to all when they are liberated from false values and awaken to the gifts of our true mother, Gaia, who provides us with all we truly need.

May we understand the Trinity of the Sun, Moon and Earth and their interrelatedness, both externally and within every life form.

May all on Earth see the truth beyond the veil of illusion which has brought about this time of forgetting.

May a time of remembering return to all and with it the unity which brings peace, harmony and love.