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Self Empowerment

The majority of hypnotherapy clients I see also learn self-hypnosis from me. It is simple and easy to use but requires self-discipline, motivation and commitment to the healing journey.

Once you have learned it for one particular challenge, it is transferable to use for any condition as long as you have a good understanding of how to create the right suggestions. It is very important to learn the fundamental techniques, so it is worth having a session with me to cover this.

In the same way I really encourage people to learn self-healing with Reiki. Again, self-discipline, motivation and commitment are necessary but the rewards make this well worth the trouble.

With astrology, I advise clients to have a yearly update. Even though the birth chart is the same on the day of your birth and the day of your death, the ever moving cyclical nature of life's journey can be illuminated at particularly important times in your life, whether it be an amazing opportunity or challenge.

Awareness is a valuable tool!

My Quest

I am passionate about empowering people to transform their lives for the better. I am passionate about Astrology and its ability to teach as well as heal. It is not my job to transform others but rather enable them to reconnect with their truth and transform themselves and to relate to others as they are in the moment and not with their perceived potential.

Guiding others towards self-empowerment is one way to bring light to the Earth and her inhabitants. It is not my job to transform others - we can only change ourselves and take responsibility for ourselves - but guiding others towards spiritual evolution is one way to bring light to the Earth and her inhabitants.

My 3 healing tools can be used together or separately - for each person the answer is different. Healers...heal yourselves!

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