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"Veronica is a very gifted, knowledgeable and wise astrologer. I learned so much about myself in her natal chart reading which helped me come to a place of deeper self-understanding and self-acceptance, of my past as well as the direction my life is heading now.

Her intuitive insights and extensive knowledge of astrology made her reading a powerful tool for my conscious growth and expansion. The solar return reading gave me much clarity about what to expect and how I could navigate the challenges of the coming year as well as much to look forward to. It was the best astrology reading I have ever had. It was as if she new me - thank you Veronica!"

- Cassandra C

"Having my birth chart reading with Veronica was an absolutely fantastic experience. I had always wanted to have one done and when I met Veronica it just seemed the perfect time as I felt comfortable with her straight away. Her insight was amazing, she knew so much, it made so much sense. I felt encouraged and inspired that I am on the right path with what I am doing with my life. I would highly recommend seeing Veronica."

- Alex

"My astrology reading with Veronica made me understand astrology and myself which I haven't done before. I had always thought there was something wrong with me and that I was a failure. She made me realise why I felt like this and showed me a way forward which gave me a chance to feel confident about the person I am. Thank you Veronica."

- Caroline H

"Veronica is an amazing lady and a very special and insightful Astrologer. Thank you for a wonderful consultation. I gained a lot of insight and feel so much stronger and empowered. It was incredibly helpful. I would certainly recommend her to anyone who is going through a challenging period in their life, or needing to make important decisions."

- Barbara P, London

"I had a telephone reading with the astrologer Veronica Dodd a few days ago. I live in the United States, and she is in London, so it was not possible for me to visit her in person.

She gave me a lot of interesting information about transits, particularly to do with the outer planets of Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. I have a smattering of knowledge about astrology, but have never really understood transits, so I can say she was very good at explaining them to a layman, and interpreting for me the kind of influences they are having on my life. Perhaps even more valuable was her advice on how to use the powerful planetary influences in a positive way, so that they can bring permanent benefits to my life. She is an experienced and dedicated astrologer with an enthusiastic and very caring personality, so I feel confident that I can trust what she tells me. I highly recommend her!"

- Vicky

"I had my astrological reading with Veronica and it was so helpful I booked some follow-up sessions for hypnotherapy. The whole experience was life-changing. She is a highly intuitive person and the sessions had an amazing effect on my life."

- Laura

"I went to see Veronica after my boyfriend left me. Using my Astrology chart with Hypnotherapy and Reiki healing she got me back on track. With her healing tools and support I felt much more positive about all areas of my life and myself. A really worthwhile experience which I would repeat if I needed to."

- Celia

"As a Reiki Master myself I can safely say that Veronica’s healing ability is astonishing. I had some sessions with her during a low period in my life and felt so much better afterwards. She is a warm compassionate lady with a remarkable gift for healing others."

- Caradie James (

"I tried lots of ways to get rid of my Insomnia and had almost given up when a friend told me about Veronica. After a few hypnotherapy sessions I started to sleep much better and now I have complete confidence that I will go to sleep easily. She was very kind and understanding and helped me understand why I had problems with getting to sleep. She also said I could go back for a top up if I wanted to."

- Robert

"My Astrology reading was life changing. It showed me why I am here and that there is a purpose to my life. I felt nervous before the appointment but when I left I felt stronger and more optimistic. It felt as if my Soul had been recognised and healed. Amazing."

- Mark

To find out more, call Veronica on +44 (0)20 7281 2042 or send her an email

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